Monday, December 7, 2009

Peace in the great Northeast

It is easy to get lost in the holiday craziness. Sometimes I need to remind myself that no matter how overwhelmed or stressed I might be, being nice should never be optional. For your thoughtful consideration:

Operation NICE

Conscious Acts of Kindness

Quilting for Peace

The next time I find myself gritting my teeth while merging onto route 1 (near the mall and Target), or trying to navigate through an overcrowded Wegman's, I hope that I don't lose sight of this simple ambition to be a little nicer. Regardless of what you celebrate, this should be a time to appreciate the company of those you love, and remember to treat others with common courtesy.
Phia on her own peace mission; uniting our Yoda and Boba Fett ornaments.

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Just Ma said...

Perpetually working on patience--Have become more aware and appreciative of others in the last year. Just being aware and in the present is my goal. Thanks for sharing some insight.
Love ya girl,