Friday, November 27, 2009

Productive Procrastination

Why is it I feel most inspired to sit down at the sewing machine and finish projects when I should be in the kitchen making cookies?I have about four quilt tops that have been waiting for me to quilt and bind, and this one was calling my name to come and finish it this past week.
I have wanted to utilize a couple of my big prints that I could never tie into a small scale quilt. After it was finished and washed I realized how much I like the way the panels were scrunched up nice and tight, and I really liked the contrast of the quilt and the white binding.

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Just Ma said...

Love the collage of material. This LJ is how quilts were made by your great-great grandmother. Would love to lie down on a quilt during summer visits to her farm and pick out remnants of family shirt and dress material. Hope you get snow and fishing done in the future---sled and seining (sp) net are in transit to you as I "speak."
Love ya,