Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the third birthday party

phia's party went off without a hitch (just a scare that it would be rained out) and we managed to take some pictures this time around. after seeing this i decided that no matter how hap-hazard it may be, we should probably have a circus party.
we did photo-booth style pictures of all the guests to be sent as thank you cards, we ate cake and caramel apples, and we made balloon doggies, or at least tried to. it was a fun way to celebrate phia's birthday, although it is still hard to believe my little girl is already three. 

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Bkreader said...

I have been anxiously waiting ti see the BD pics---LJ--she looks so much like you when you were that age. Will say it again---what a darling BD dress. Glad her Aunt Lauren could make it.