Friday, August 14, 2009

technical difficulties

while vacuuming up cereal crumbs yesterday i blew a fuse.

the fans stopped and the house temperature quickly rose. a moment of panic ensued. i have never remedied a blown fuse, and was pretty clueless as where to start. where was our fuse box? what would i do when i found it?

immediately i called danny at work, and since he is both a kind and handy husband, he helped me solve the problem without passing judgement on my lack of life experience.

the simplest of things remind me how grateful i am to have been with this man for five years now. he is thoughtful, supportive, and handsome, and while our driven spirits sometimes clash, i am well aware that we are immeasurably right for one another.

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Bkreader said...

Amen--and never forget that. I also think you have a keeper in the best sense of the word. Danny is a dear and I see a love between the two of you and your family that will do nothing but become stronger. Cherish each moment!