Friday, August 7, 2009

a day in the life of ori

here is a picture of two cute things that i have made. one being a pillow cover with another favorite print of mine by heather ross. the other being my little baby boy who isn't really a baby anymore.
at a little over one and a half years old, ori is a very accomplished climber. his vocabulary is a little limited, and i have to keep reminding myself that at this age phia wasn't a big talker either. now she keeps me posted about anything that pops into her sweet little head.
i am trying to be realistic too, and am considering the fact that danny and i are pretty introverted, and that, regardless, ori is one sweet little boy.


Bkreader said...

Thanks you--thank you--thank you for Ori pics. He has changed so much---losing a lot of that baby look. What beautiful eyes. (Received the beautiful tote today with the named pavers) Have a lot of catching up to do with having engraving done on stones.
Love ya,

Kei said...

Omi, he's big! Just saw someone online with the name Ori, how about that.