Wednesday, July 29, 2009

guilty confectionary pleasures

while attending culinary school i used to enjoy when tourists visiting the school would ask whether honing our palettes with the amazing edibles at the cia hindered us from enjoy life's less refined treats. my good friend lydon and i agreed that while we had become more aware of food quality, we would still salivate over the thought of a hot order of super sized fries.

so around this time of year when friends and family inquire what kind of birthday cake an avid baker might want, for three years now i have replied: oreo blizzard ice cream cake.

i can not fully explain why the obicc is so delicious, but if for some reason the local dairy queen is sold out i will be willing to accept one of these cakes. and if you happen to have a couple free hours and need a laugh, i would recommend checking out the hilarious posts on  cake wrecks


Bkreader said...

One more day to the happy day. Katie Lou indicated you should be receiving that camera today. The cake blog was great. Hopefully, your wish will come true and Danny will get that Dairy Queen cake for you.
Lova ya girl,

Vicki said...

Would phia get her crayons out and do some of those courtroom pics of her and Ori? We cannot wait until the camera gets to you. Have a great Birthday!