Tuesday, July 14, 2009

crankin' up the temperature

this mild summer has allowed me the convenience of using the oven during the daytime. therefore, i have been churning out a substantial amount of baked goods, and thought i might share some of my favorite recipes. 

i like to buy extra bananas and when they get really soft and sugary i make a batch of mini muffins that are perfect for little hands. to make them extra delicious i use 2:1 of whole wheat flour to all purpose flour (so roughly 1 1/3 C w.w. flour to 2/3 C a.p. flour) and i think that the lemon juice is crucial  as it really brightens the banana flavor. hope that you enjoy the muffins!

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Bkreader said...

Going to the store today---Will pick up some extra bananas to ripen and try recipe. Love the missing one---let me guess--did Ori smaple that one? The temp has been close to 100 degrees daily so if I am baking something---it is done early in the AM. Keep those recipes coming!!!
Lova ya girl,