Monday, April 20, 2009


sometime during my high school experience, i was handed down this plaid garment. it was intended to be worn by a boy and was incredibly unflattering, but for some reason i loved wearing it. for years now i have held onto it, unable to just toss it, as it was worn during exciting events in my life.  it started simply enough as a really awkward choice for a young woman's wardrobe, and then it turned into a piece of clothing i could not let go of. 
so, after staring at it in my loft for the last couple months, i finally got the nerve to cut into it. after resizing it, adding a little elastic and some ties in the back, i had a shirt dress for phia that she really loves wearing.


Bkreader said...

How resourceful! Love the story---love the child getting the sentimental hand down---love the child who cared to share the story. Brought a smile to this face this AM---thanks!
Love ya,

Kat said...

Hey LJ,
Love the dress! Ask ma about my flocked strawberry dress made from grandma peachy's kitchen curtains. Felt as glamourous as Scarlet O'Hara!
Aunt Kat