Thursday, January 1, 2009

thank goodness for travel insurance

due to unexpected circumstances, we had to cancel our new year flight. i have a little extra time to sit in front of the computer since i am at home in new jersey , instead of laying on the beach in hawaii. excuse the late pictures, it has been a real task locating certain wires that i vowed i would put in the same box as the electronic gadget that they go to. 
for a very trusting patron of mine, i made a chocolate covered croque en bouche, or, a tower of cream puffs, filled with pastry cream and then glue together with caramel. i decorated it with white chocolate and little gum paste bows and included some extra ornaments so that her children could finish dressing the little tree at their christmas party. 
this year featured many handmade gifts. i am never quite sure how handmade gifts will fly with the recipient, so i tried to keep it simple with some basic totes with patchwork on the front. this one went to my mother in law, who, after a long year, really deserved a special little something. a couple didn't quite make the christmas deadline, but i hope to have them shipped out to my wonderfully patient family members soon. 

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Bkreader said...

What great cake and loved the tote. So----Ma learned to push a new button today----like "show all" on the follower list. Also learned to count and read---Geeee----just wanted to be sure you are on the blog so people can go in and look at all of your wonderful items.
Love ya,