Saturday, January 17, 2009

9 in '09

had we left to spend two weeks in a sub-tropic climate i don't think returning to this merciless 9 degree cold front would have gone over so well. for that, maybe it was better that we stayed, settled in, and got the opportunity to play in the snow not once, but twice. and i promise i will stop mentioning hawaii after this because i am glad that we stayed, we had a lot of fun at home. bundled up, of course.
there was that movie night which entailed lots of cuddling and lots of replays of pixar's "presto".
and then i had a burst of creativity coupled with a little determination to get those lingering christmas presents sent out. this one had a special destination, which will be mentioned later.
and finally, while i was scarfing down some chocolate cake i read the newest post over at nienie dialogues and decided to make the most of out 2009. hopefully tomorrow the temperature will be somewhere in the double digits and we can leave our security blankets. 

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