Wednesday, December 17, 2008

holiday card production and loving my clone

while i was away danny said that phia adjusted pretty well. only a couple dramatic episodes, one of which was triggered when she found my pin cushion. i guess it reminded her of dear old mom, and maybe she was upset at the thought of me being away with my pins scattered everywhere, with no place to put them. 

since we were reunited, we have had some very sweet moments. as i have told people, she is, in all aspects, a little miniature version of me. 
reason number one: she can play around with buttons for a ridiculously long amount of time if given the opportunity. 
we did up some snowflake cards for the family and she lovingly decided where each button would be glued on. the little buttons were all named either baby ori or baby mikey, and were by far her favorite to use. 

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Bkreader said...

We loved our card---what a creative toddler! What precious pictures! Thanks, LJ and Phia.
Love, Ma