Thursday, November 20, 2008

glad i bought that sled

i have been focussing my attention on sewing lately, when really i should be in my kitchen with the oven blazing and my pants covered in flour. i just realized that thanksgiving is in one week. what happened to november? 
on sunday danny and i were complaining about all of the christmas decorations at the mall, as it makes us feel a little rushed. but really, i suppose this is the time of year to bring that stuff out, and we were the confused ones. last week's weather might have thrown us off. when it is 60 and sunny outside, one might lose track of what time of year it is.
but alas, global warming can not compete with a northeast cold front, and everyone is saying tomorrow we will have some snow to play in.

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Lynn said...

hi just found your blog through your spring top entry. so cute! where did you get the fabric for your bibs? I love it!