Sunday, October 12, 2008

busy, busy october

my october is completely booked. between late night baking sessions and various parties, we are starting to miss those lazy days chasing phia around the park. the month started off with lauren's park picnic. we met up at prospect park and noshed while trading baby sitting duties. she welcomed twenty six with a brioche roll with caramelized apples on top.
and these little treats were requested by my future sister in law, raluca,  for her engagement party. my dauntless mother in law threw a wonderful party at the proprietary house here in perth amboy, and these s'mores bites helped raise the blood sugar level in the room along with two raspberry cakes: one deep chocolate and the other smooth whipped cream.  


Kat said...

Ma and I are both sitting at her dining table racing to comment first. Pa's snoozing in the recliner with 3 dogs on his lap. Happy birthday to Lauren!

And ma showed me the bags she's bought, beautiful! But I still like my white flower bag the best.


Bkreader said...

Great pics, beautiful children, wonderful chocolate treats---do you have a lot of holiday baking orders? Love it that Lauren is in NY to share time w/my beautiful great grandchildren---loved the pic of Miriam---just love your blogs---keep it up---Thanks again for papa's cookies. He devoured them!

Vicki said...

I really enjoy your blog...
Wait just a minute I will be right back...
I needed to get some insulin in me.
As I was saying I love your blogs, they are about kids and dessert-- my fsvorite things!

klrm in va said...

I'm bagging up clothes, including princess dress-up! We are going to have to get together soon. Love the pics of the kids. They are growing too fast.